Can I sue Chrissie for emotional distress and undue physical harm? I fully have the shakes from @HouseinHabit story withdrawals! How am I supposed to be the most provocative and interesting conversationalist in the room until this is resolved? I can't possibly go back to the days of mainstream headlines and topics. Going into social isolation until I see that sexy circle again atop my IG.

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here is what I sent.

I copied your words and changed the pronouns.

this is crazy.

Dear Instagram Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing in support of my friend Jessica in regards to the suspension of her Instagram account, @houseinhabit, which was unjustly taken down as a result of a coordinated campaign of mass reporting and solicitation for reporting by certain individuals.

I would like to provide you with detailed information regarding this situation in the hopes of seeking a fair resolution and the reinstatement of her account.

Background: The Instagram account, @houseinhabit, has been a platform for civic journalism to a community of over 1.2 million followers who appreciate the content she creates and shares.

She has always adhered to Instagram's community guidelines and terms of service, ensuring that content complied with all platform rules.

Incident Details: Over the past several days, she became the target of a calculated campaign of online harassment led by certain individuals who sought to manipulate the system by encouraging their followers on both Instagram and TikTok to mass report her account.

This campaign involved false reporting, spam reporting, and even solicitation for reporting by influential accounts, ultimately resulting in her Instagram account's suspension.

Let me emphasize that the content shared on her account did not violate Instagram's community guidelines or terms of service.

Jessica has always been dedicated to creating an engaging online space, and she can provide evidence that substantiates adherence to the platform's rules.

She has never encouraged bullying; as a journalist, she reports on topical issues.

Request for Reinstatement: We, the readers, kindly request a thorough review of the suspension of her account, @houseinhabit, and ask for its immediate reinstatement.

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Jess, I just want you to know that I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I have never found your account to be offensive to sexual assault survivors. You ask questions, but that is okay. As I have learned in therapy (after thousands of dollars hahaha) the uncomfortable is where healing happens. And the uncomfortable is often where the truth hides. I’ve lived in 20 years of shame and embarrassment because of what happened to me, like many blamed myself. But what I’ve learned is that I also have the power to help myself. What you do doesn’t impact my healing journey, if anything, you help a lot with the much needed laughs and great stories of your boys. I just wanted you to know that. Never stop making us laugh with Hayes’ fabulous insights and never stop sharing your truth because if there is anything the world needs now it is laughter and honesty. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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You write for us we’ll write for you too 😡

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Keep going!

JRK and JKR both fighting cancellation. Feels like some synchronicity in the initials 😂

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Sent an email. Not as nice as yours, but I’m older and have more insurance. 😂 it still requests reinstatement without being insulting. Hoping someone with a clear head and an objective stance can review it and see that it’s simply a smear campaign.


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Well this just pissed me off enough to finally subscribe to Substack so I hope their stupidity makes you more money! Email sent.

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this substack backup though🙌🏻 freedom of speech still prevails.

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It is crazy how fast people respond to & jump on the bully’s “shut them down” train. She’s the one online openly calling for people to report you... Who’s harassing who here? You didn’t call for any of that from your audience. I personally don’t understand how her audience doesn’t see that.

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Hello Instagram Workers and Platform DeThroners -

It looks like you guys went after House In Habit again. I really wish you guys would do homework before suspending accounts. It seems sort of like a knee-jerk reaction. I thought society had moved past canceling social media accounts? Didn’t Elon start a new trend and all the cool kids are doing it? Free speech! It’s a zippy little idea.

Shutting down an account without a proper vetting reads as elementary, immature and biased. That’s not you, is it?

Reinstate the civil journalist and stop knee jerk reacting to cry babies with hurt feelings.


The Free World

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They're gonna have to work harder to censor you. They don't understand that you have hard-core followers that will pivot with you😁

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I just commented on a post on IG about this and said that whenever someone viciously attacks the “other side” simply for asking questions and wanting to analyze all angles instead of just following the narrative and accepting that as the truth, it never looks good. It has the opposite reaction, at least amongst those that have critical thinking skills and can see through the BS picture that the media, etc. wants to paint. I have always loved your desire to get to the bottom of things even if it makes you unpopular with the masses. I am hoping that this gets resolved. I do have to admit that I was utterly shocked when I saw that she had actually told her followers to go to your account and report it...hmmm, that’s just TOO suspicious in my eyes and that’s when I really stopped to think about this whole case more even though I wasn’t that invested at the beginning. Usually whenever the opposition is silenced and it’s done via extreme odds, that means they were onto something...keep fighting the good fight, we are behind you! ❤️

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I love how your haters pay you money to come on here and bash you 🤣🤣🤣

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Email sent. I have questions. 1) when is Russel Brand going to interview on his Live Free show? You are a perfect fit. You have the mutual connection of Bari Weiss who was just on the show. 2) Shall all 1 million of us go over and follow you on Rumble instead? You and work related reasons are the ONLY reasons I get on IG at ALL. 3) What else can we do to help?

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Learned about your suspension from Shane Cashman, another truth seeker. The only way to ensure truth is to have MORE speech, not less. Only cowards lay on the other side of that moral line.

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I still don't understand why she got her panties in a wad in the first place. I have been following all your posts and I never saw anything defamatory to her character or story, whatsoever. Unless I missed something. She sounds a tad manic if you ask me.

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